meditation seminars

what is meditation?

Meditation starts by making you separate from your mind, by being an observer.

This is the only way to squeeze yourself out of anything.

If you look towards the light, one thing of course is for sure, you’re not light. You’re the one who looks, the observer.

Observation is the key to meditation.

Observe your mind, just notice anything going on in the mind.

Do not concern yourself, do not oppress it in that regard, do nothing.

Just stay an observer and the miracle of observation is meditation.

As you observe, slowly emptying the mind of thoughts, you do not fall asleep but become more alert, more aware.

As the mind empties completely, your whole energy becomes like a fire.

This flame is the result of meditation. So you can say that meditation is another name for the observation, without judging and evaluating.

Most of us most of the time we are directed, dominated by thoughts or feelings, and we think we are those thoughts or feelings.

Meditation is a state of mere existence, mere being, without any interference from the body or the mind. It is the natural state that we have forgotten how to approach it.

Just by observing, you immediately leave the mind…



Meditation techniques

There are many meditation methods that require someone to be seated or lying down and quiet.

But for most of us our accumulated stress in the body-mind makes it difficult.

We need to get rid of our tension, before attempting to get in touch with our inner world.

The active meditations of Osho are designed to gradually, in a scientific way,  enable us to consciously express repressed feelings, and learn how to observe our patterns in a new way.

Some of these techniques are:

  • Dynamic meditation (defusing emotion)
  • Nataraz (dance)
  • Nadabrahma meditation
  • Gkourisankar
  • Clamps
  • No mind, and others…

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