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Reiki 1st degree courses

The first degree is the initial Reiki training offered through a separate two-day seminar and it is aimed at those who wish to coordinate the Reiki energy and learn to apply it in order to improve their lives through greater health and happiness.

In the Usui Reiki first degree, participants will get four individual resonances (initiations) to coordinate with the Reiki energy, will become channels and will, thus, be able to channel that energy to themselves and others.

Upon completion of training is provided:

  • Training Manual of 1st degree Reiki
  • CDs with Music for Reiki Session
  • Usui Reiki Certificate 1st grade

The course duration is two days (~ 18 hours).



Reiki 2nd degree courses

This training is aimed at those who have received training in the Usui Reiki first degree and wish to learn more advanced uses of Reiki energy for more and faster results in their health and their self-improvement.

In the Usui Reiki second degree, participants will be taught the importance and the use of Reiki symbols, distant healing and energy cleansing.

Upon completion of training is provided: :

  • Training Manual Reiki second degree
  • Usui Reiki Certificate Grade 2

The course duration is two days (~ 18 hours).

Reiki seminars are held in Athens (Nea Smirni) at regular intervals. They are addressed to small groups of up to six-people-in order to smooth their conduct and to allow sufficient time for everyone to discuss and practice.

Reiki is a magical path that opens infinite ways of treatment, healing and self-discovery.

As the very self, it has no beginning or end. It is benevolence and offers satisfaction to yourself and to other humans.

It’s pure white light that bathes the accumulated blockages of the mind, soul, spirit and eventually the body itself.

It’s pure intent and purpose. But above all, Reiki is Love…

Reiki is a very ancient healing method that came to light again in the 19th century in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Christian monk. References to the Reiki tradition are found in old Sanskrit sutras from 2,500 years ago.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy.

  • Rei σmeans universal life energy.
  • Ki is the part of Rei that flows through all living things and is the human vital energyα

Ki is known to Christians as the light, like the Chinese chi, like the Hindu prana, the Kahunas mana, while also called bio-plasma, bio-energy or cosmic energy.

The space that surrounds us -the universe- is full of infinite and inexhaustible energy. It is the same energy source, the primary cosmic creative force that gives us life.

This natural healing energy flows with high density and intensity through the hands of man who is been made a channel.

Coordination is done in the so-called initiations, where the teacher of Reiki coordinates the student with the Source of universal energies and opens the energy channels for the flow.

Initiation is the main mode of transmission. For learning Reiki one does not require any special knowledge, while everyone, even a child can “learn” very easily.

In the Usui system of Reiki healing energy is transmitted by hands. This happens spontaneously, without the need to concentrate our minds on the body of the man who accepts it or on some other creature.

The intensity of the transmitted energy depends on the needs of the recipient. Reiki is transmitted through materials like clothing, plaster bandages, splints and other metals. The therapist becomes the channel through which the universal life energy is passed. He loses nothing of his personal power, however he is stimulated and enriches his energy.

Giving Reiki we are ultimately something more than a channel, we are Reiki, we are the same, the universal life-energy is God within us, bringing out such a large project.

With Reiki the self healing forces are awakened because the man heals himself. Channel can be anyone who is possessed by the desire to heal and be healed.

Reiki is not associated with religious doctrines and does not conflict with any religious practice or methods of meditation or initiations, on the contrary, it enriches and enhances them.

Reiki brings balance between body and emotion and its influence reaches into all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

It enhances self healing, strengthens the body and mind, relaxes and cleanses the body of poisons and generally restores the balance between the energy centres of the body (chakras) and brings harmony in human existence, flowing in unlimited quantities.

You will develop spiritually, it will transform you and give you spiritual blessing.

Reiki is the grace of God, a priceless gift.

The founder of Reiki is Dr. Mikao Usui who lived in the late 19th century.

He was president of a small Christian university, Ntosisa in Kyoto, Japan, and was a Christian priest.

In a Sunday service, a student asked him if he accepted the contents of the Bible literally. “The Bible says that Jesus healed the sick, and that he walked on water. You accept this as written, have you ever seen this happen?”

Dr. Usui said he accepted it, but that no, he had never seen a cure or walking on water.

The student continued and said: “For us who are just starting their adult lives and we have a lot of questions we need to be convinced with our own eyes.”

A seed was planted. The next day Dr. Usui resigned from his position as president of the university of Ntosisa and came to the United States, where he received a doctorate in sacred scriptures, in his effort to discover the secret of how Jesus and his disciples healed the sick.

Eventually, he found what he was looking for after seven years. In the teachings of the Buddha, in an ancient Sanskrit scripture that was written by the hand of an unknown disciple of Buddha, Dr. Usui found the formula, the symbols, the description of how Buddha healed.

He discovered the knowledge base, but he lacked the power of the cure. So he decided to retreat to the sanctuary Kourama term.

After 21 days of fasting, meditation and prayer in a state of higher consciousness, he realized the key to treatment of Buddha and Jesus.

The symbols entered his memory forever and so was born the Usui System of Natural Healing.

The next seven years Dr. Usui worked in a camp with Japan beggars, healing the sick. Those who were young and able were sent away to find work.

After these seven years, he began to see those he had helped return to the camp of beggars in the same situation as they had left.

Then he realized that he was healing the physical body of the symptoms, but that he had not taught them appreciation for life and a new way of living.

This discovery led him to draw up the rules of Reiki for life, to heal not only the physical body but also the soul, the mental body.

Principles of Reiki

  • Just for today…
    I will live the attitude of gratitude
  • Just for today…
    I will not worry
  • Just for today…
    I will not get angry
  • Just for today…
    I will do my work honestly
  • Just for today…
    I will show love and respect for every living creature

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